Get To Know Dr Tina

I was born in Taiwan and grew up in New Zealand. My academic pursuit of medicine led me to Beijing University, and I furthered my training in Australia.

I am a proud mother of 2 young girls. As a working mum, I value the precious moments shared with my family. During school breaks and weekends, we can be found exploring popular parks and pop-up markets in Brisbane.

I have a profound passion for yoga, and I believe in the therapeutic power of physical movement. If I have spare time, I would like to share my knowledge of yoga by teaching community classes. Feel free to message me to express your interest.

Q&A With Dr Tina Fang

Boosting people's self-esteem and helping people feel better about themselves.

I prioritise my well-being by engaging in daily practice of yoga, allowing me to nourish my mind, body, and soul.

If I didn't become a doctor, I would choose to follow my passion and become a yoga instructor.

My family and I love traveling together as it is our favourite activity to bond and create cherished memories.

If given the choice, I would like to live in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The most adventurous experience I've had was attending Movie World Fright Night.

On a lazy day, my absolute favourite thing to do is to indulge in some quality sleep and binge-watch Netflix.

I would choose to be Wonder Woman as my desired fictional character, as she embodies incredible strength and resilience.

Dr Tina Fang

Dr .Tina Fang

Dr Tina is known for her extensive knowledge in skin cancer and aesthetic medicine.

After completing training and qualification in dermatoscopy, advanced skin cancer surgery and advanced aesthetic medicine, Dr Tina has been working full time in a dedicated skin cancer and cosmetic clinics since 2019.

Dr Tina is passionate about hair loss treatments, cosmetics injectables, and cosmetic mole removal. She also provides prevention, early detection and management of skin cancer.

Australia College of Aesthetic Medicine

Advanced Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine


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Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners 2019


Skin Cancer College Australasia 

Advanced Skin Surgery